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About Us

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PubWorks Fleet Vision

Since 1997, Tracker Software Corporation has been providing custom fleet maintenance systems with a focus on database solutions that are easy-to-use, reliable, powerful and cost-effective.

PubWorks Fleet was launched in July of 1997, and now serves over 200 fleet shops across the United States and Canada.

Developed and headquartered in the high country of Colorado, PubWorks Fleet professionals and partners are dedicated to the following cornerstone principles.


Bigger isn’t always better, and expense doesn’t always indicate quality and value. With PubWorks Fleet, realizing the benefit is instant and enjoying the value long-lasting.


Our reputation for straightforward, smooth implementations and ever-present support is something on which our customers can always rely.

Dedication to Progress

Since the only constant is change, we remain dedicated to improving and enhancing PubWorks Fleet at every possible opportunity. Customer-driven improvements are what keep PubWorks Fleet the productive and cost-effective choice.


We strive to keep the lines of communication open and flowing in a variety of ways. Through webinars, Tooltips, How-To Video and Emails we keep our customers up to date on what’s going on with the software.

Conducting an annual comprehensive survey of our clients, helps us monitor how we’re performing in your eyes, and how we might improve.

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Pete Anzalone

A message from the President

I realize there are fleet professionals out there, whom every day say to themselves, “there has to be a better way to manage these details.” At PubWorks Fleet, we’re striving to reduce the effort, increase the efficiency and improve the overall process of fleet shop management. Constantly challenged to do more with less, fleet shops need tools to help better manage everything from PM Schedules to fuel consumption. Reporting capabilities are an essential component of communication. Thus we are always expanding our reporting options based on the input from our PubWorks Fleet community. The scope of fleet maintenance has broadened such that keeping up with a pencil and paper just doesn’t cut it anymore. We are proud to provide a management tool that is not a management project and provide it at a reasonable price.

Pete Anzalone
Tracker Software Corporation