PM Schedule – Track Your Maintenance with PM Schedules

PM Schedule


Get your PM Schedules under control

Using the PubWorks Preventative Maintenance Schedule allows you to easily exercise a key best management practice.  The PM Schedule will keep you well organized and ahead of untimely repairs.  This will save you time, money and keep your shop operating with greater efficiency.  With PubWorks PM Schedule in place, it’s easy to stay on top of what’s due, overdue or upcoming.

Everything in PubWorks is customizable.  PM Items can be set up for any duration or frequency.  For example:  Lube Oil and Filter every 3,000 miles, Registration Renewal every two years or a 250 Hour Service for heavy equipment.  The combinations are endless.

Setting up a PM Schedule is easy:

  1. Create the required PM Items
  2. Assign PM Items to vehicles and equipment appropriately
  3. Ask PubWorks to run the PM Schedule as your start-screen daily

PM Schedule Screenshots

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