System Requirements – Can It Run On My System?

PubWorks Fleet System Requirements

System requirements

PubWorks Fleet is a Versatile Solution

PubWorks System Requirements are designed with you in mind. Take a look at the options below. PubWorks can be run on almost any system; desktop or laptop. Options consist of either Server-based or Cloud Hosting, your choice depending upon your system requirements.

If you have any questions about the options below please feel free to contact PubWorks Support anytime: or 888-920-0380 ext.2


To effectively run PubWorks on your office computers the general rule-of-thumb is if you can run XP you can run PubWorks. More specifically, minimum workstation requirements are as follows:

  • Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
  • 17″ Monitor with 1028×768 resolution or better
  • 2-4gb RAM
  • 100gb Hard Drive
  • Ethernet Connection


PubWorks provides exceptional performance in the SQL Server environment. PubWorks is compatible with all versions of Microsoft SQL Server 2008r2 or greater.

Cloud Hosting

Think about getting the cloud if you:

    • Have offices with a robust internet connection
    • Need to access your data from outside of the office (at home or from hotspots around town)

What’s required: You need to be a PubWorks SQL customer. PubWorks Access customer will first need to upgrade to SQL Server.

Steps: Once you’re ready to move, just send us a backup of your SQL Server database, we’ll migrate it to the cloud and adjust your configuration (a minor change to your UDL file), so PubWorks can find you cloud-based database.

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